About the workshop

This annual event brings together scholars who work on the methodology of mixed methods or apply it in their research. In 2015 it was hosted at the University of New Mexico, with Jason Seawright as the keynote speaker. In 2016 it was hosted by the University of Arizona, with Gary Goertz as the keynote speaker. In 2017 the workshop took place at the University of California-Riverside and included the participation of John Huber, Alan Jacobs, Rudra Sil, and Evelyne Stephens. In 2018, the workshop took place at the University of California-Santa Cruz. In 2019, it is scheduled to take place at UNAM (Mexico City). Like our Facebook page for updates.

Who we are

The organizers of the event are Marissa Brookes (University of California, Riverside), Jennifer Cyr (University of Arizona), Kendra Koivu (University of New Mexico) and Sara Niedzwiecki (University of California-Santa Cruz). Our sponsors include the National Science Foundation, Society for Political Methodology, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Latin American and Iberian Institute at UNM, Consortium on Qualitative Research Methods, UNM Political Science department, and the UA School of Government and Public Policy.